We invite you to Media World Cup 2019

Exciting races, thrill of competition and breath-taking locations are surely the crucial elements of Media World Cup. It is a sport challenge organized for active journalists who wish to discover the charms of Poland. The honorary patrons are: the Minister of Sports and Tourism and the President Polish Tourism Organization.

Cracow City of Polish Kings - Partner MWC'18

The first documented reference to Kraków can be found in records from 965 of the Cordova merchant Abraham ben Jacob. He mentions a rich burg city situated at the crossing of trade routes and surrounded by woods.

Norwegians the best in Lidzbark Warmiński

Norwegians Brynjar Farstad and Nina Malme Gulbrandsen, from cycling web site Styrkeproven, won men and women categories of MTB race in Lidzbark Warmińskim. It was the first event of the Media World Cup Series Poland organize to promote local regions as an attractive place for active tourism.

Bieszczady enchanted foreign journalists

Dutchman Sjors Beukeboom won the race in Bieszczady, the first edition of Cycling Media World Podkarpackie Cup. Dominik Omiotek finished second and Piotr Szafraniec was third. Journalists from eleven countries took part in this event organized to promote the Podkarpacie region.

Lidzbark Warminski - partner MTB Media World Cup 2017

Lidzbark Warmiński is located in the north - western part of the warmińsko-mazurskie province. It was originally a Prussian settlement Lecbarg, until being conquered by the Teutonic Knights in 1240 and three years later became a part of the newly established diocese of Warmia. In 1308 the settlement was conferred civic rights by bishop Eberhard.

Warmia and Mazury - partner MTB Media World Cup 2017

A true miracle – people of Warmia and Mazury Flying above the land you will see endless forests and lakes. If you decide to visit this region, you will see that the natural wonders of Warmia and Mazury include the people who live here, businesses that are run here and also works that are created.

Podkarpackie Voivodeship - main partner Media World Cup

Podkarpackie Region – the gateway to Europe, the land of innovative economic development, of inexhaustible nature, fascinating culture and infinite possibilities. The modern and environmentally-friendly technologies of the Aviation Valley - a world-class cluster, of the IT companies and start-ups, and of the local pharmaceutical industry fit here harmoniously with various zones ideal for active leisure, spectacular mountain ranges, and the multicultural spirit and creativity of the local population.

Wellness in Poland - strategic partner

Wellness in Poland is a project created by professionals who specialize in the kind of tourism that demonstrates the highest standards. It is a perfect solution for those who wish to fill their free time with different activities.

Media World Cup Podkarpackie

Podkarpacie is an European oasis of wild nature, clean, ecological region with a very rich culture. Here on the 25-28th May will be held the first edition of Media World Cup. The event is organized for media people passionate with cycling. Media World Cup is a regular event held each year in the spring.

MTB Media World Cup - Warmia&Masuria. Zagraniczni dziennikarze zachwyceni Polską

Norweg Brynjar Farstad i jego rodaczka Nina Malme Gulbrandsen z kolarskiego portalu „StyrkeProven” zwyciężyli w wyścigu kolarskim MTB w Lidzbarku Warmińskim, rozpoczynającym pierwszą edycję Media World Cup Series Poland. W imprezie wystartowali zawodnicy i zawodniczki z 15 krajów. Głównym celem przedsięwzięcia była promocja regionu Warmińsko-Mazurskiego.