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A true miracle – people of Warmia and Mazury Flying above the land you will see endless forests and lakes. If you decide to visit this region, you will see that the natural wonders of Warmia and Mazury include the people who live here, businesses that are run here and also works that are created.

If there was a variation of the first Polish opera ‘The Supposed Miracle, people of Cracow and Highlanders’ by Bogusławski, the version in this region would be entitled ‘The True Miracle – people of Warmia and Mazury’. The libretto would be written out for a few voices, and the first would belong to nature. The Land of a Thousand Lakes – although there are more than three thousand ones, from spring to late autumn, this land attracts enthusiasts of yachts, sailboats and kayaks.

Forests cover 30 percent of the area in Warmia and Mazury, there are about 300 bird species and, for example, in Żywkowo storks outnumber the inhabitants of the village! You can see a picturesque landscape while a cycling tour (Eastern Cycle Trail Green Velo), during a cruise on the restored Elbląg Canal (an engineering rarity on a global scale) or while skiing or snowboarding – in the vicinity of the hills, you can even meet an elk.

In such idyllic conditions wellness centres, luxury hotels and homely farmhouses are growing as densely as mushrooms in the local forests. In restaurants you will find a unique fusion cuisine – a creative combination of local dishes with the global kitchen trends. You can be tempted especially by fish, honey, traditional potato dish – kartacze or goat cheese. People of Warmia and Mazury also amaze.

The designer Olsztyn-Mazury Airport situated in the centre of the Natura 2000 area wonderfully fused nature and civilisation. This is the place from which the director Jerzy Skolimowski sets off for his Golden Lion in Venice, Joanna Jędrzejczyk for her MMA championship belt, Krzysztof Hołowczyc for the Dakar. Here takes place the action of such works as ‘The Innocents’ by Anne Fontaine, ‘Knife in the Water’ by Roman Polanski and ‘Wrath’ by Zygmunt Miłoszewski.

This is the place where Nicolaus Copernicus lived for 40 years, this is where Napoleon rested and … romanced, and the Teutonic Knights built monumental castles. Eventually, they lost in the Battle of Grunwald in 1420 and you have a chance to admire this fighting as there is a very spectacular reenactment of this battle organized in this historic place every year. In Ostróda you can chill at the cult Reggae Festival, and in Olsztyn you can enjoy the game of Grand Slam Beach Volleyball.

Also, the voice of business in this opera is becoming stronger and stronger. There are technological solutions that make this region a local Silicon Valley, there are innovative methods thanks to which the regional companies are the leaders on the European market and some items manufactured precisely here were picked up by Bond in the movie ‘Spectre’. And people of Warmia and Mazury will write many more such fascinating opera acts.

My place for business

Warmia and Mazury can be a fertile ground for business. Especially if the ground is so well prepared. What makes businesses here flourish? Newcomers envy the residents of Warmia and Mazury that they live in the place where they come to rest. But our region is becoming more and more popular with those who want to run businesses here. The actions of the local authorities in Warmia and Mazury are directed towards the development and cooperation with investors.

The infrastracture of the region keeps changing. Our Olsztyn-Mazury Airport has communicated us with the world. It is a big asset not only for tourism, but also an incentive for potential investors who would like to develop their business right here.

One of the major roads in the region – the road S7 will soon be fully express. Olsztyn with its new ring road will also be connected to Warsaw. The development of business in the region is also supported by two well-functioning Special Economic Zones, Warmia-Mazury and Suwałki.

They have areas that are attractive to businesses. But above all, a big magnet for businesses is the ability to get back up to 70% of your expenditures. In our region we have the biggest number of state grants for entrepreneurs and it is a strong argument to encourage investments in the region. Owing to the Zones such giants like Michelin, LG, Philips and IKEA developed here.

Research and scientific facilities are a big support and a chance to cooperate with businesses. There are science and technology parks in Olsztyn, Elbląg and Ełk that provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to use the infrastructure, professional consultancy services and assistance in obtaining funds.

The University of Warmia and Mazury educates in 17 faculties and, by the way, it is the most beautiful campus in the country. This unit and a few private universities prepare the future personnel for the needs of industries operating here.

The Center of Innovation and Technology Transfer which functions at the university serves to use the intellectual and technical potential of universities as well as possible. It also helps to transfer the results of research and development work to the business sector. In Warmia and Mazury you will also find a dynamically developing sector of vocational education.

Thanks to the European funding the process of cooperating between schools and entrepreneurs is strongly supported and directed to learning the practical skills necessary for specific jobs.

The government of Warmia and Mazury is also promoting through competitions those employers and initiatives which are distinguished by the quality of their business. They try to reinforce the identification of the region and its brands through the promotion of regional products, services and events. Those entrepreneurs who meet the required criteria may represent them with the awarded sign ‘The Product of Warmia and Mazury’. This is an important argument in shaping consumer patriotism.

Just fly

It was known from the very beginning that this airport would be different. Hyperecological surroundings, innovative technologies and the design are imprinted in this region. No wonder that among smaller regional airports, Olsztyn-Mazury Airport breaks the records in the number of handled passengers. The airport in the middle of Natura 2000 - the network of nature protection areas in the EU that aims at preserving endangered species and habitats. Such an idea can fire your imagination.

However, since 2016 is has been operating successfully. It is a kind of a window for the inhabitants, it boosts the economy in the region and it is a great conference site. What is more, the ‘Fly to Mazury’ package that has been recently prepared provides a number of tourist and business services. The terminal almost blends into the landscape, the glass walls reflect the Mazury forest, the roof has a geometrical shape of the waves of the lake, and the facade is decorated with wooden cane stalks.

To get inside you walk through the entrance which reminds of the old houses in Mazury, and you can take a selfie with a metal sculpture of three cranes. The whole project corresponds to the tradition of the region and was designed by Tomasz Lella, an architect from Olsztyn.

Innovative technology is here as important as the visual side. It is here that for the first time in Europe (not counting Moscow) the runway has been built applying a new method of using American equipment to slacken concrete surfaces. Other advantages include buses, car rentals and railway services with trains that depart from the station Olsztyn Główny and stop at the terminal. Thanks to this, neither summer heat nor snow covered cars in winter are a problem for travellers heading for the airport.

They can relax and wait for their departure enjoying a book or good coffee. The management of Olsztyn-Mazury Airport is planning to develop the cargo zone and take over the area around the airport with a view to building hotels, SPA centres and creating medical services. The airport is situated in the middle of a quiet woodland and, contrary to what people might think, despite having a good access, it does not make a noise that could disturb the peace.


The best recommendation for the landscape of Warmia and Mazury is the fact that the Masurian Lake District has been elected as one of the 28 finalists of the New7Wonders of Nature – a worldwide project.

More than three thousand bodies of water with an area of over 1 hectare, including Śniardwy and Mamry - the largest lakes in Poland. Also, there are more than 2,500 monuments of nature, over 100 nature reserves, five landscape parks within and parts of three other landscape parks in the region. You will find here 300 species of birds, but also the wolf, lynx, elk, bison and pond turtle.

Warmia, Mazury and Powiśle constitute the region where influences of different countries and nations have clashed for ages. The land which was inhabited by the Prussians was conquered by the Teutonic Order in the 13th century and later, the region was also affected by the Swedish Invasion, the Napoleonic Wars and both world wars.

Old Prussian settlements, medieval castles, walls, viaducts and bunkers have been connected by the Mazuria Fortification Route. Following the trail you will find the Boyen Fortress in Giżycko, the Wolf’s Lair in Gierłoż, and Mamerki - the place where you can visit the Headquarters of the Nazi Land Forces and 30 undamaged shelters.

Every year a few thousand people take part in the great reenactment of the Battle of Grunwald from 1410. The Grunwald Loop Trail follows castles, churches and museums connected with the Teutonic Order and encourages you to visit the interactive museum of the Teutonic Knights in Działdowo. The Copernicus Route follows 40 years of this famous and extraordinary Polish scientist.

It starts in the castle in Olsztyn where Nicolaus Copernicus came 500 years ago and was an economic administrator of Warmia. The Elbląg Canal that is 150 years old is a worldwide rarity because of its system of slipways. The canal combines a few western Masurian lakes with the Vistula Lagoon.

The difference in water levels approaches 100 m, and is overcome using locks and a remarkable system of tracks between lakes. The Elbląg Canal Route starts in Ostróda where you will fnd the castle of the Teutonic Order. This is where later Napoleon commanded his troops in Europe w 1806.

Lots of collections related to the history of the region and its characters can be seen in the branches of the Museum of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Lidzbark Warminski, Reszel, Morag, Szczytno and Mrągowo. The ethnographic Park in Olsztynek presents different rural buildings.

Numerous equipment rentals offer charter boats, most of which operate around the Route of the Great Masurian Lakes. Among the numerous ports there is a network of modern Ekomarina and in Ostróda there is an 800-metre long water ski lift.

Bike lovers will enjoy the 400-kilometer section running through the five provinces of the Eastern Cycle Trail Green Velo. In winter, the region offers pistes in Mrągowo, Kurzętnik, Ruś and Gołdap.

Regional cuisine primarily uses products available in the area. In the menu you will find diverse fish dishes, venison and dumplings.