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Triathlon Media World Cup Podkarpackie 2017

Podkarpacie is an European oasis of wild nature, clean, ecological region with a very rich culture. Here on the 13-15th July 2017 will be held the first edition of Triathlon Media World Cup. The event is organized for media people passionate with triathlon. World Cup is a regular event held each year in the summer.

The organizers prepared very interesting and demanding route for women and for men by the Tarnobrzeskie Lakes and in its surroundings. Triathlon Media World Cup will host 160 athletes representing editorial staffs from 25 countries from around the world.

At the end of each race, the first 3 participants of each category will be awarded. Winners  get the Triathlon Media World Cup 2017 title + gold, silver and bronze medals for places 1 to 3 sponsored by the wellnessinpoland.com as proud supporter of the Triathlon Media World Cup 2017.

Riders can participate in the event as long as they are publishers, editors, journalists, reporters, press photographers, camera men or cycling related bloggers. They can be employees or freelance reporters as long as they own a valid press passport of a country, an organization, a company or a medium.

Open M (men)
M1 men up to 30 years old / up to 1987
M2 men 31 - 45 years old / 1986-1972
M3 men 46+ / 1971 and older

Open W (women)
W1 women up to 30 years old / up to 1987
W2 women 31 - 45 years old / 1986-1972
W3 women 46+ / 1971 and older

The participants will be accommodated in the historical XVII hotel Baranów Castle, one of the best preserved in Europe object of a renaissance architecture. The accompanying events will be held there: welcome dinner and historical feast.

Hotel Castle Baranów Sandomierski

Organizers and sponsors of the Triathlon Media World Cup provide transfer from Warsaw airport, accommodation and meals in Hotel Castle Baranów Sandomierski*** (3 nights' accommodation with breakfast, 3 dinners, 3 suppers), accompanying events. The cost of participation is only 190 Euro.

Honorary Patron of the Cup is the Minister of Sport and Tourism. Co-organizers of the Cup: Marshal of Podkarpackie Province.