Get Ready for Media World Cup 2018 in Cracow

Exciting races, thrill of competition and breath-taking locations are surely the crucial elements of Media World Cup. It is a sport challenge organized for active journalists who wish to discover the charms of Poland. This edition will take you to majestic Cracow and impressive Polish Jura. The honorary patrons are: the Minister of Sports and Tourism and the President of Krakow.

Every participant of Media World Cup will come home with two kinds of memories: sport and tourist. The former will be the effect of two mountain races with creatively designed tracks. There will be up-hill, terrain obstacles and fast descents – all which causes a quick jump of adrenaline and arrival of happy endorphins straight to your brain. Tourist memories are guaranteed by extraordinary locations, legion of attractions and face-to-face meeting with Polish folklore and traditions.

What both kind of memories have in common is that they will stay with for a long, long time. For sure.

Media World Cup is organized by sport, active tourism and Poland lovers. Therefore, event participants can be confident that they will visit some of the most interesting places of Polish history and culture, see the beautiful nature and try local cuisine.

Now participants from all around the world will try tracks in the city of Polish kings, magical Cracow and mysterious Jura, famous for its hilly landscape with Jurassic limestone rocks, cliffs, valleys and vast limestone formations and deep caves.

Organizers and sponsors of the Media World Cup provide transfer from Warsaw and Cracow airport, accommodation and meals in Hotels (4-night accommodation with breakfast, 4 dinners, 4 suppers), accompanying events. Organizers Media World Cup Poland 2018 invites 120 athletes representing editorial staffs from 20 countries from around the world. 

The races categories are the following:

Open M (men)
M1 men up to 30 years old / up to 1987
M2 men 31 - 45 years old / 1986-1972
M3 men 46+ / 1971 and older

Open W (women)
W1 women up to 30 years old / up to 1987
W2 women 31 - 45 years old / 1986-1972
W3 women 46+ / 1971 and older

At the end of the race, the first 3 participants of each category will be awarded. Winners  get the Media World Cup Poland 2018 title + gold, silver and bronze medals for places 1 to 3 sponsored by the Active Time as proud supporter of the Media World Cup Poland 2018.


Wednesday, 6th June

• arrival, transfer from the airport to Hotel Galaxy in Cracow City. Sightseeing of Cracow. Welcome dinner in Hotel Galaxy.

Thursday, 7th June

• MTB race in Cracow - The profile of the course
regeneration in Hotel Galaxy. Sightseeing of Cracow. Celebratory dinner in the restaurant "Wesele". Return to the hotel.

Friday, 8th June

• transfer from Cracow to hotel Castle Bobolice in the Cracow-Czestochowa Upland (Jura). Travel by MTB route. Feast with local food degustation in Castle Bobolice.  

9th June
• Road race Bobolice - Jurassic Olsztyn. Winner celebration. Concert of folk music, feast with local food degustation in Olsztyn.

10th June
• transfer to the airport

Cracow-Czestochowa Upland (Jura)

The participation fee includes:

• transportation from and to the Cracow and Warsaw Airport
• 4 nights in the luxury hotel - Castle Bobolice and Galaxy in Kraków
• meals (4 breakfasts, 4 dinners, 4 suppers)
• start in two races
• participation in special attractions prepared by organizers
• sightseeing of Cracow
• special concerts
• suvenirs

The number of participants is limited.

To register please use a registration form on